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Tech Bytes: Top Tech Gifts This Holiday Season

A gift with a red ribbon.

Tech gifts top the wish list for many Americans this holiday season.

Luckily, according to the Consumer Technology Association, 78% of adult shoppers plan to purchase tech products and services as gifts this holiday season.

John Joyce, an owner at CRS Technology Consultants, visited the ABC7 studio on Cyber Monday to share the top tech gifts for 2022. John offered tech gift suggestions as well as insight into tech discounts and safety tips while shopping online.

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Below is a recap of that interview:

Top Tech Gifts

Every holiday season, there is one tech gift that seemingly everyone wants. The iPhone 14 is probably at the top of many wish lists in 2022. The iPhone 14 line was released in September and comes in four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

“Every year, there is a new iPhone,” John says. “It’s no longer necessarily the frenzy item it once was because only so much can change year in and year out. If you’re still using last year’s iPhone 13, it might not be a great year to upgrade, but if you’re still holding on to that iPhone 8 or 10, it might be time to look at a much better camera, much better battery life and a bigger screen on an entry model.”

Android users are eyeing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, a foldable device that offers a FlexCam, better battery life and overall solid performance.

Additional tech gifts drawing attention in 2022 include:

  • Asus Zephryus G14 laptop: This is a powerful 14-inch PC perfect for someone who needs a fast computer for work, gaming and streaming movies.
  • Apple TV 4K: Recently refreshed, this is the best overall streaming box on the market.
  • Sonos Roam: This high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker delivers unbelievably high sound quality.
  • Steam Deck: On-the-go gamers are raving about this new portable gaming device.
  • Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate: This is a subscription service offering access to an online library of more than 100 games for one price.

Discounts on Tech

Starting before Black Friday and continuing until Christmas, the holiday season is full of discounts on tech gifts. Discounts run the gamut.

“The biggest discounts are actually going to be in previous generation models,” John says. “It might not be the latest and greatest tech, but it’s still brand-new equipment.”

Manufacturers and retailers often drop prices to drive sales. However, demand for new tech is high and supplies remain limited. As a result, consumers aren’t finding many discounts on new arrivals.

What if your loved ones have their hearts set on the latest-generation devices?

“It’s more about getting your hands on it at all, much less trying to get a discount,” according to John. “The supply chain is catching up; you’re just going to be paying full retail for it.”

A key to finding good deals on tech gifts is preparation.

“Do your research and know what you’re going in there to buy,” John says.

Although it’s tempting to save several hundred dollars on a laptop, for instance, John says there are cases where investing in the long-term should be the focus – not finding the biggest discount or cheapest price.

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Overall, the National Retail Federation estimates holiday sales will grow 6-8% over 2021. The NRF notes 56% of consumers plan to make holiday purchases online. That exceeds the percentage planning to visit discount stores, department stores, supermarkets, clothing stores and other types of retailers.

Unfortunately, November and December also represent the holiday season for scammers. They take advantage of “mental hijacking,” a state in which the brain’s emotional processing center takes over reasoning. Impulse buying is a prime example. Scammers know shoppers are scouting the Internet looking for good deals, and they create websites – fake ones – full of amazing deals.

Avoid scammers by taking these three precautions:

  • Shop with known retailers: Many online retailers offer the same products. Purchase directly from the manufacturer, if possible. If you previously purchased from an online retailer and had a satisfactory experience, consider using that website again.
  • Use a credit card: Scammers can drain debit cards and bank accounts before users even notice a problem. Most credit card companies have a dispute process that covers or blocks fraudulent purchases.
  • Verify websites: Scammers try to replicate, or clone, legitimate websites. They may even pay for Google ads to make sure you see the imposter website. Always doublecheck the company name in the URL. Simply switching the letter “o” to the numeral “0” can effectively clone a website.


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