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Tech Bytes: Tech trends in 2024 

New Year 2024

Tech-savvy businesses all share something in common… they keep up with tech trends. 

Every day, developers are hard at work creating new gadgets, hardware and software. The surge of artificial intelligence is expediting the speed of progress. 

Keeping up with tech trends is a challenge, but one CRS Technology Consultants readily accepts. 

Co-owner John Joyce recently appeared on ABC7 for a live in-studio Tech Bytes segment covering “Tech Trends for 2024.” He grouped his thoughts into three areas:

  • What we KNOW is coming in 2024 
  • What we THINK is coming in 2024 
  • What we HOPE is coming in 2024 

Recapping 2023

In 2023, the rise of artificial intelligence, including ChatGPT, was the dominant trend in technology. John envisions AI to move from the internet to store shelves in 2024. 

“These products that bring AI to us have mostly existed out on the web,” John says. “You had to access them through an app or a browser. With 2024, now looking forward, we predict that’s when we’re going to start to see these AI products come down to physical products, tangible things on a store shelf that you’ll go buy and leverage AI in your daily life.” 

Technology doesn’t typically burst onto the scene like AI did in 2023. However, the internet emerged rather quickly three decades ago, and computer users weren’t quite sure what to make of that, either. 

“We didn’t know what to do with the internet… sometimes we still don’t,” John jokes. 

AI’s continued development should focus on completing mundane tasks, like summarizing a lengthy document or polishing a rough draft. It should not be used to replace human creativity. 

“There are things day in and day out that can make us more efficient. It can augment what we should be doing,” John says. “The human element should always be there. Never, ever hand over the decision to the machine.” 

Tech trends: What we KNOW is coming in 2024

Tech giants typically keep new project launches close to their vest. They prefer to build anticipation as they put the finishing touches on whatever they’re introducing. However, some use the opportunity to create their own buzz, dropping hints about what’s in the works. 

These are four things we can expect in 2024:  

  • Apple Vision Pro: A mixed reality and spatial computing headset. 
  • Nintendo Switch 2: A long-awaited next-generation gaming handheld. 
  • Next-gen smartphones: The Apple iPhone 16 and Samsung Galaxy S24. 
  • Cybersecurity upgrades: Counterattack to combat negative influences of AI-generated cyberattacks. 

“It’s going to be a fun year for gadgets,” John says. “Every few years, it just kind of coalesces.” 

Tech trends: What we THINK is coming in 2024

For every digital innovation that makes it to market, hundreds – perhaps thousands – are left in the digital burial ground. However, there are signs of several products that might, just perhaps, make it to market in 2024. 

These possibilities include: 

  • Augmented reality: Also called smart glasses, Meta and possibly Google will unveil new devices. 
  • Entry-level VR: Meta may debut a new VR headset with a lower price point. 
  • Windows 12: Many people haven’t even upgraded to Windows 11, but a new version is on the way. 

Tech trends: What we HOPE is coming in 2024

We can all dream, right? 

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he probably never envisioned that people someday could talk on the phone without a cord. Or that it would be portable. Or that it would feature a camera, calculator and apps for everything from gaming and social media to banking and health care. 

The telephone will continue to evolve, but tech-lovers everywhere are hoping these two evolutions will emerge in 2024:  

  • Rollable screens: Samsung, Google, Motorola and others have introduced foldable screens, which flip in half. Rollable screens, on the other hand, are flexible electronic displays that literally roll up like you roll a sleeping bag. They are making headway with tablets and TVs, and rollable screens have been teased for the last few years at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Is 2024 the year we’ll finally see them come to market for smartphones? 
  • Longer battery life: Wouldn’t it be nice to get through a workday without having to charge a cell phone or laptop? The only way that’s possible now is if you dim the screen, close all apps and barely use the device. Perhaps someday soon we won’t have to continuously monitor battery life. 

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