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Tech Bytes: Benefits of promoting women in technology

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Efforts to diversify STEM continue making inroads, but women in technology are still largely underrepresented. 

Across all STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math), women represent 35% of workers, according to the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. A Deloitte Insights Women in Tech study noted just 25% of technical roles – computer science, programming, data science or software engineering. – were held by women. The discrepancy is also seen at the collegiate level as women account for just 21% of those earning bachelor’s degrees in computer and information sciences, according to Women Tech Network

Efforts to diversify STEM and increase the number of women in technology are working… but very slowly. Coming on the heels of Women’s History Month in March and Women in Tech Day in April, CRS Technology Consultants is shining a spotlight on the issue and the women that help drive success at CRS. 

Women in technology: Why diversity matters 

For generations, women have been the dominant gender in certain occupations, like teaching and nursing. Men, on the other hand, represent the majority in construction, law enforcement and other fields. 

A report published by the Harvard Business Review, “Why diverse teams are smarter,” found that diverse colleagues overcome stale ways of thinking and sharpen performance. This is especially important in technology because employees are constantly challenged to solve problems. 

Diverse teams, according to Harvard Business Review, are successful because: 

  • They focus more on facts. 
  • They process those facts more carefully. 
  • They’re more innovative. 

People of diverse backgrounds and genders working together brings a unique perspective that can result in greater problem solving and creativity. 

Intuit cites three reasons why adding more women in technology will enhance business:

  1. Improves company revenue and performance. 
  1. Closes the tech talent shortage. 
  1. Produces better products and reaches a wider audience. 

Spotlight: CRS Technology Consultants 

The lack of women in technology has created certain expectations when businesses reach out in need of tech support. Namely, they expect a man to answer their call when troubleshooting software or hardware problems. 

When the tech guy is actually a tech girl, though, it elicits interesting responses. 

As of May 2024, CRS Technology Consultants has 17 employees, five of which are female. 

Taylor Morrello, formerly a lead systems engineer, earned a degree at the University of Florida before working as a deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. She notes a multitude of parallels between job-related skills in law enforcement and technology, including people skills, problem solving, a desire to protect the safety and wellbeing of others, and patience. In both jobs, there is a sense of accomplishment in solving problems or resolving situations. 

Taylor has once piece of advice for women considering a career in technology: “Go for it!” Gender does not matter as long as an IT specialist or systems engineer can do the job, and because technology will continue to evolve, women in technology – as well as men in technology – will continue to be in high demand. 

“The world will continue to need digital troubleshooters and problem-solvers, so if you like to find solutions to a multitude of challenges, technology is a great career choice,” Taylor said. 

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